The Six Habits - 90 Day Habit Mastery

Program Guarantee Terms

This limited guarantee is issued by Laura DiBenedetto, Inc. (Provider), to the purchaser (Client). The relationship between Provider and Client is one defined by integrity and clarity, and accordingly, the following terms are designed to protect both parties from unfair or deceptive actions: 

  1. "Money Back" Guarantee - Intent and Scope of Coverage:
    1. The intent of this guarantee is to provide reassurance that if the protocols and advice of the 90 Day Habit Mastery Program (Program) are followed as prescribed, the Client will see positive impact in his/her life. Positive impact shall be defined to include (but not be limited to): feelings of gratitude, feelings of greater life satisfaction, feelings of greater energy, feelings of greater self-esteem, feelings of greater clarity around goals, and/or other similarly positive feelings.  The positive impact shall be further defined to allow for the results to vary in scope and duration, to vary in intensity person to person, and will grant for positive impact to differ day to day, and to possibly not have a cumulative effect.  Should there be no positive impact noticed in the Client’s life as a result of Program participation, Client may be eligible for a refund under the following terms:
  2. Guarantee Refund Limitations:
    1. This guarantee is limited to the Program entitled “90 Day Habit Mastery” only, and specifically excludes all other products, services, and tools available by Laura DiBenedetto, Inc.
    2. This guarantee is limited to the actual amount paid, less shipping charges for the physical companion workbook to the Client and back to the Provider. In no circumstances will the guarantee terms for refunds exceed amounts paid, less shipping.
    3. This guarantee is only valid for the Client, and no other possessor of the Program material.
    4. This guarantee may only be exercised by the Client, and no other parties.
    5. If the terms of the guarantee are not followed by the Client, the Provider is under no obligation to provide guarantee, refunds, or additional consideration of any kind.
    6. Provider is under no obligation to honor guarantee if Provider suspects any manner of deception on the part of the Client.
  3. Guarantee time windows:
    1. Activation: This guarantee is activated upon delivery.
    2. 30 Day Window: This guarantee’s 30 day window begins from the date of delivery which will be confirmed on the tracking.
    3. Claim Window: All claims must be submitted inside of the 30 Day Window as specified in paragraph 3.2. Any claims submitted before or after the Claim Window will be considered null and void.
  4. Eligibility:
    1. Clients who meet the following criteria will be eligible for the guarantee:
      1. Client has completed one full week of the Optional Guided Startup
      2. Client has completed 30 full days of the 90 Day sheets, with every line filled in and every prompt answered, with responses varying day-to-day by at least 75%, and with apparent effort for each.
      3. Client has watched the Introductory video, the Optional Guided Startup video, Week 1 video, Week 2 video, Week 3, and the Week 4 video.
      4. Client has completed all essay questions in workbook in earnest, through day 30 of the Program.
      5. Client emailed [email protected] asking for individual support within the 30 Day Window as specified in paragraph 3.2.
    2. Clients who do not meet the prior criteria are ineligible for the guarantee and Provider is under no obligation to honor any guarantee terms.
  5. Non-Eligibility:
    1. This guarantee pertains to the efficacy of the Program’s prescribed protocols, and not the subjective opinion of the Client. Clients who fall under any of the following criteria, are ineligible for refund:
      1. Clients who decide they don’t like the Program
      2. Clients who don’t wish to complete the Program
      3. Clients whose financial circumstances have changed
      4. Clients who don’t make room for the Program in their schedule, or
      5. Clients who ignore the prescribed protocols within the Program and modify it
  6. Claim Process:
    1. Should Client determine that despite following every protocol of the Program and fully participate as prescribed, that the Program failed to deliver positive impact in Client’s life, the Client may request that the Provider fulfill the guarantee and issue a refund, less shipping and cost of workbook(s). Assuming the Client is otherwise fully eligible, if Client wishes to exercise the guarantee, Client must follow these steps:
      1. Email [email protected] asking for individual support within the 30 Day Window as specified in paragraph 3.2. Provider agrees to provide individual support to facilitate success.  Should that be ineffective, Client may proceed to the next step. 
      2. Email [email protected] within the 30 Day Window as specified in paragraph 3.2 requesting a refund, stating the specific areas of dissatisfaction with the results of the program.
      3. Client must mail the workbook with 30 days fully completed to:
        1. Laura DiBenedetto, Inc.
          1254 S. Kihei Rd. #2210
          Kihei, HI 96753
          United States
        2. Provider is not responsible for shipping charges incurred by client in getting the workbook back to Provider.
        3. Postmark must be no later than 7 days after original email.
      4. Should client fail to follow the process or timelines outlined herein, Provider is under no obligation to continue any claims proceedings and Client forfeits any rights or intended claims.
      5. Upon receipt of the workbook by Provider, Provider will examine the contents of workbook to verify that every effort was made by the Client to exercise good faith in the program and complete every aspect as prescribed. Provider will also check Client’s account in to ensure that all other criteria are met. 
        1. Upon Provider verification that all criteria has been met by Client and Client acted in good faith, Provider will issue a refund for the full amount paid, less original shipping cost, and cost of workbook(s) within 30 days.
        2. If verification is unable to be completed by Provider due to Client ineligibility, Provider will not issue a refund, and will consider the matter closed.
  7. Disingenuous Claims:
    1. Should Provider suspect or have evidence that suggests disingenuous claims, and/or that Client has not completed the workbook at all, or impartially due to changed circumstances, lack of effort, difference of opinion, or logistical challenges, Provider reserves the right to investigate further or to wholly deny claims. Provider will automatically deny claims under circumstances where Client shows obvious lack of effort, or hasty, half-hearted, last-minute efforts. 
  8. Integrity
    1. Provider will verify all claims objectively, and with sincere assumption of Client’s good faith participation in the Program as prescribed.
  9. Good Faith Satisfaction Guarantee:
    1. Provider understands that extenuating circumstances happen in all of our lives and is committed to the success of the Client through proper use of the Program. Accordingly:
    2. Should Client need to halt the program mid-stream for a life situation, Provider agrees to suspend Client’s membership in all programs and timelines (except the 30-day guarantee refund terms), and will reinstate the Client if applicable.
    3. Should Client get “stuck” in the Program, and is unable to continue without support or individual attention to break past a comprehension or execution barrier, Provider agrees to provide individual support via email, phone, or video conference, with the method at the sole discretion of the Provider.
    4. Should Client experience a different kind of obstacle (not listed here) to his/her success and requires support, Client agrees to email [email protected] and explain the nature of his/her struggle and request support, thereby allowing Provider an opportunity to facilitate success.
  10. Governing Law:
    1. This guarantee is governed by the laws of The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, in the United States of America. Should any additional claims arise between Provider and Client, the parties agree that all court proceedings will be in Worcester County, within The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, in the United States of America.
  11. Entirety:
    1. This document constitutes the entirety of the Program Guarantee Terms.
  12. Agreement:
    1. Client agrees to these terms by purchasing the “90 Day Habit Mastery” Program from Provider.