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The Biggest Idea

exclusive insights Jul 24, 2020

I’ve been thinking long and hard about the mission of what I do. Up until I was 38 or so, everything in my life was all about me. Like… in a “wrinkle up your nose” kind of way. I don’t look back on that with pride, for the record.

When I did the work to discover The Six Habits, I was still focusing on me. I was all about finding a way out of feeling terrible inside. I did (obviously), and what I found after was so life-changing… but not in the ways I expected.

Sure, I expected to be happier. I was. I expected to feel good inside. I did. I wasn’t sure I expected to be more courageous, but I was, and not terribly surprised by it. Hell, I even managed to lose weight and keep it off for the first time in my life. A bit surprising, I admit. But. What shocked me the most was how all of the ego fell away… and I didn’t even realize it was happening.


I retired in December 2018, the day before my 38th birthday. I was working...

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