90 Day Habit Mastery

Create and start living the life of your dreams
right away with this guided, flexible, habit-building
program. Designed and perfected to ensure success,
you'll learn, apply, and master The Six Habits
that are proven to create massive, lasting life change 
- all in an easy, fun, fail-proof environment.
Say no more - I want it NOW!

Invest just 10 minutes a day for 90 days and I'll teach you to build and master habits that will support you and your dreams for the rest of your life.

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Amy Mosher Berry

The Habit Mastery program is pure gold. I saw powerful results and results kept on coming (despite major personal setbacks) thanks to the empowering mindset and daily habits I built up while doing Laura’s program. Laura has managed to create something powerful and easy that literally anyone can do. This program is truly life-changing.

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Brian Rowe

I have tried so many self-help tools, but nothing worked, until now. I started slowly with the optional startup guide which helped me immensely to find my groove.  Laura was there from the beginning, via email, video chat and long-distance support.  I am so looking forward to showing the world my new, confident, driven, focused self! Thank you Laura for putting together this amazing gift!

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Christine Zecker

When I started the 90 days, I didn't know what to expect, but I was blown away once I got going. This program packs a LOT of value and power into it.  I felt changes happening in my life immediately, and the habits I developed with this program are still in place today. I'm so grateful for everything this program helped me to create for myself. I am unstoppable!

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Lisa Welsh

Spoiler alert - I experienced actual life-changes within the first week! Thanks to Laura's program, I was able to implement functional changes quickly and consistently and could feel the difference in a matter of days. It feels as though everything I have learned up to this point is finally coming together in a practical way – and there's no quitting this time!

I want the program!
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You’re an intelligent, spirited, and motivated person that’s got big dreams for what you want your life to be. You know that you’re capable of having, doing, and being more, and you’ve waited long enough.

You don’t shy away from hard work, especially when it comes to your own personal development.  You’ve read books and done courses and classes, but you’re frustrated because nothing ever stuck.  

I understand, and you’re not alone. Intelligent, capable people like you are the first to get frustrated when their dream lives aren’t materializing because they know it’s attainable. You’re convinced something is missing, but you can’t put your finger on what

Your daily habits will always matter more than what you do once. This is why I’ve spent a year a half creating and perfecting the program that not only identifies the missing pieces but helps you master the right habits in an easy-to-apply, mastery-creating framework. 

I took everything I learned in 20 years of adulting, joy-seeking, and business ownership, all while being a champion over bullying, domestic abuse, ADHD and even bankruptcy, and turned it into the last program you’ll ever need to help you live a joyful life for real.  I’ve created financial freedom, deep-in-my-heart joy, and a life that I’m excited to be living and I want to help you do the same.

Your dreams for your fullest, most joyful life are too important to live one more day held back by the wrong habits. You fully deserve and are 100% capable of living your dream life.  It all starts now.

Aloha! My name is Laura DiBenedetto, and I retired at 37 from the company I started at 19, now fully living my dream life.

I went from poverty, bullying, domestic abuse, ADHD, and bankruptcy to living in ease, financial freedom, generous 6-figure passive income, and true inner joy.  I travel the world regularly, and I live on the tropical island of my dreams.

I’m living proof that you can overcome your circumstances to rise and create the life of your dreams.

I spent many years doing it all wrong, until I finally got it right.  You can skip the frustration and the time- and money-wasting that I did. 

I will help you master the habits required to help you to live the life you’ve always dreamed of.

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Do you...


Yearn for a life that leaves you breathless with excitement, but have no idea how to build that life, and you doubt your ability to do it at all?

Want to have more joy in your life, but it's overwhelming and you have no clue where to start?

Crave financial freedom and all the joy, security, and adventure that comes along with it, but have lost faith in your ability to make it happen?

Have big dreams about what you want to have, do, and experience in your life, but have been playing it "safe," keeping yourself small?

Deeply desire to do more exciting things in your life, but are scared of what that would actually involve? 

Know you're capable of so much more, but have no clue what to do or where to start?

Want to wake up energized every day, but don't believe it's possible for you?

Feel ready to finally get out of your own way and start living the life of your dreams, but you can't seem to get unstuck?

The Six Habits 90 Day Habit Mastery program will teach you how to...


Identify the six toxic habits you have, and where they exist in your life so you can eradicate them for good, with ease.

Replace them with The Six Habits that build your life and dreams, for lasting happiness that will carry you through your life.

Create a loving, empowering relationship with yourself, so you are no longer an obstacle to your own success or dream fulfillment.

Know yourself even better than you ever did before, so you can reap the full riches that life holds for you.

Break down your goals into attainable micro-goals so even the biggest, scariest goal gets conquered one step at a time.

Become a lifelong master at the 3-Step process that it takes to boot a toxic habit for good, so you can finally get out of your own way.

Begin to create the foundation for your financial freedom, so you can finally live your fullest, best life.

Persevere in keeping promises you make to yourself, so you can prove to yourself how easy it is for you to create anything in your life.

Give yourself permission to be who you truly are, and pursue what you truly want, so you can live fully expressed and in alignment with your real nature.

Find the courage to do the big, scary things you want to do, so you can finally face your fears to live your dreams.

Create a life you love, so you can experience joy the way you've never experienced it before.


I'm ready - I want it now!

I will walk you step-by-step through the exact process of how I created SUSTAINABLE habits that transformed my life and the lives of many others.

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What's Inside The Six Habits 90 Day Habit Mastery Program:

  • 163-page workbook, delivered to your home, jam-packed with thought-provoking weekly challenges, daily exercises, and lasting value that will endure for a lifetime
  • 90 days of habit-building daily exercises, designed to help you dig deep, harness the power of repetition and finally be consistent – fully proven to help you master the habits that will help you build the life you dream of
  • Personal introduction by me, where I walk you through The Six Habits, my own journey to my dream life, what to expect for yourself in the program, and how to create your own unique success path
  • 14-day guided start-up to help make The Six Habits mastery truly accessible for literally anyone that’s committed to making their life better.  Independent of the 90 days, this is a unique, expanded daily program that’s built to help anyone who needs the help walking before they run.
  • Support system setup guide that helps you create your own, unique support system that will help you to crush the 90 days with ease
  • The Six Habits written breakdown of what each habit is, how it shows up in your life, examples, and practical pathways for incorporation every day in the 90 days and beyond
  • Sample journal entries to inspire and spark ideas for your own 90-day journey.
  • 13 weekly guidance videos from me to set you up for success for the week, helping you to thrive in the program as a human with a regular life to live.
  • 13 weekly deep-dive self-mastery challenges to start each week with power and clarity, keeping you on track and heading for success.
  • Powerful program wrap-up with me to support you as you finish your 90 days and ease back into normal everyday life with your new habits.
  • Wrap-up challenge to help you put it all in a bow and move powerfully into the rest of your amazing life and dreams.
  • Email support – any time you need or want help, cheerleading, clarification or anything to help you crush your 90 days, you can email me personally and I will reply to support you.
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Marit Verlaat

What I got out of this program is way more than I expected. I now have all the tools to make huge leaps with my company. It gives me so much clarity in what I want. It has given me so much already and I’ll definitely doing more than 90 days. 

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Wanda Williams

I received the clarity I needed to start making business decisions that aligned with how I wanted and needed to show up to make everything happen. If you're looking to get unstuck, make massive improvements on your business and live more joyously in the process, you're in the right place.

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Christopher Lee Hogan

Laura helped me get a deeper understanding of why I was struggling and helped me let go of old thoughts, beliefs and ways of working that were no longer serving me. She challenged me to step into my fear and do it anyway and now my business is taking off again!

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Nanci Besser Reed

Her insights blew me away. Her story and journey are so inspiring and what I love is that she helps me see what is possible vs where I'm feeling limited. If you're looking to uplevel your career, business or life overall, you're in the right place!

Shut up and take my money!

Long-lasting success comes from cumulative actions, repeated over time. Once they become automatic, you can't fail.

This program is for you if:

  • You're intelligent both intellectually and emotionally, and ready to make some big changes in your life
  • You're teachable and excited to embrace new ideas and strategies 
  • You're so passionately in love with your dreams and goals that you're willing to do whatever it takes to succeed
  • You're up for a challenge, and are excited to dive into your fullest, best life
  • You love yourself enough to take action on your dreams even when you're scared
  • You believe in yourself enough to trust that you've got what it takes to succeed

This program is not for you if:

  • You want to remain where you are in your life, and have no desire for greater joy
  • You'd rather invest years to figure it out on your own instead of learning how to do it right the first time
  • You aren't willing to be a student learning new ideas, trying new things, or growing through deliberate action
  • You don't want to commit even 10 minutes a day to making your dreams come true
  • You believe that joy and success are for other people - but not you.
This is definitely for me - I'm ready to buy!

You will receive:

  • The Six Habits 90 Day Habit Mastery Program (jam-packed with everything listed above!)
  • Physical workbook delivered to your home (free in the US!). Value: $67
  • Free Bonus: Discovering Your Life's Purpose Comprehensive Guide. Value: $150
  • Free Bonus: Mastering Your Money Mindset Video Training. Value: $500
  • Free Bonus: Freeing Yourself from Toxic Relationships Guide. Value: $150
  • Free Bonus: How to Buy, Sell & Negotiate Compensation Like a Millionaire. Value: $150
  • Free: 6 month email support with me for before, during, and after you do your 90 days! Value: $1,200
  • VALUE: $2,217

Your investment in yourself:

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Ready to create a life you deeply love?

It's within your reach... just give yourself 10 minutes a day for 90 days and you'll see the massive changes you've always dreamed were possible. You've got this, and now is your time.

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