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You know what explosive joy is, and you probably don’t experience it all the time… but you used to. Explosive joy is joy that’s so powerful that it comes bursting out of you in boisterous laughter, spontaneous movement, and MASSIVE inspired action toward what you want.  As children, we intuitively understand this kind of joy and the unstoppable freight train of power it brings with it.  Then we’re told to sit down, be quiet, behave, and sit still.  When we do, our explosive joy leaves us, with the exception of those rare and special moments when we let go and forget who’s watching.


You won’t be happier when more money shows up, that dream job materializes, or you meet your soul mate.  Noooo… all that will happen because you’re happier and you attract it.

It all starts with you.  To have more, you must become more.  You begin by deciding that now is the time, and you’re no longer willing to settle for anything less than explosive joy and incredible abundance.  The best life you’ve ever imagined is right around the corner. My job is to help you design what your joyful life looks like, help you to live your fully expressed and authentic life, and crush every goal you set.

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